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GTI is the exclusive Canadian distributor of SIRA antenna systems. Please follow the link to the SIRA website for a complete listing of their systems or contact us for a catalogue.


GTI also maintains parts for various other types of antennas and we can install, test, and repair all brands of TV & FM antennas. Our in-house crews can install or repair any type of antenna system and related transmission lines regardless of size or complexity.





GTI can install, test, and tune all brands of TV & FM combiners and filters. We have a full complement of RF test equipment including HP Analyzers, as well as experienced in-house staff to commission new combiner and filter systems or troubleshoot existing units regardless of power level.

cogico combiner.JPG



GTI uses partner fabrication facilities to produce towers and tower components. All facilities are subject to qualification by our management staff and must meet exacting quality control standards. After fabrication, all structural steel is hot-dipped galvanized for maximum environmental protection. When specified for aircraft recognition, the tower sections can be factory or field painted to the required colours and pattern. 

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