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GTI America provides engineering, supply, installation, testing and maintenance services for the broadcasting industry throughout the U.S.A.  GTI America specializes in working with broadcast antennas, tall towers, and ancillary equipment. GTI America focuses on the importance of safety, and provides all employees with the necessary training and equipment to maintain a safe work environment. 

GTI America has been recognized by the FCC as one of the few qualified and experienced companies capable of working on tall broadcast towers for the government sponsored TV spectrum re-allocation or “Repack”


GTI maintains its own Field Operations Department. Installation (rigging) crews are comprised of our own full time riggers & technicians, and provide the following range of services:


  • Installation of all types of broadcast antennas and transmission lines and related broadcast specific components;

  • Current safe lift capacity is in excess of 22,000 lbs (11 Tons);

  • Installation of all types of communications antennas including land mobile, trunking, cellular, and point to point (including microwave & satellite);

  • Experience with various types of 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G technologies installed on towers, tri-poles, monopoles, and rooftop sites;

  • Small cell, In building DAS, macro tower, Government/Utilities, Rural Broadband and WISP antenna systems installation;

  • Mechanical and electrical inspections (audits) and maintenance (towers, antennas & obstruction lighting);

  • New tower construction (guyed, self-support, monopoles, rooftops and other structure types);

  • Existing tower modifications & strengthening;

  • Foundations for towers and buildings;

  • Transmitter Buildings

  • Installation & Repair of aviation obstruction lighting systems

  • Installation & Commissioning of Broadcast Transmitters and passive filter/combiner systems.


Our rigging crews are highly experienced in the technical aspects of antennas and related system components. They are capable of not only installation, but also the troubleshooting and repair of today’s complex broadcast & communications antennas as well as tower lighting systems (strobes & led). Our senior foremen all have more than 30 years of experience in the tower rigging business and have worked on tall broadcast towers and large DTV antenna systems across the United States, Canada and overseas.

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