GTI is equipped and ready for the DTV repack in Canada and the United States. Our crews and equipment are capable of working on any tower, including large broadcast towers up to 2000’ tall. We have the experience, equipment and competency to remove, install, or modify heavy broadcast antennas (top mount or side mount) with weights ranging from the smallest lift to over 18,000 pounds.

We have:

  • Structural Engineers to perform tower structural analyses;

  • Engineers and technicians to perform site surveys and audits;

  • Experienced North American broadcast (tall tower) rigging crews to install antennas & lines;

  • Rigging crews to perform tall tower reinforcing and modifications;

  • Antenna system testing, troubleshooting, and commissioning capabilities.

We offer a wide range of solutions for: 

  • DTV Broadcast Antenna Installation

  •  DTV & Tall Tower Construction

  • Tall Tower Modifications and Strengthening

  • FM Broadcast Antenna Systems and Installation

  • Tower Lighting Systems

  • Emergency Restoration Services

  • Microwave & Point-to-Point Link Systems

  • Turnkey Transmitter Site Construction

  • Tower Site Inspection & Maintenance

  • AM/LF/HF Antenna Systems, ATUs & Grounding


5035 N. Service Rd Unit D12

Burlington, ON  L7L-5V2


3903 Northdale Blvd.

Suite 100E

Tampa, FL  33624



Canada: 905-331-8501

USA: 813-291-4400

Fax: 905-331-6711

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